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Just a little piece I thought would be fun to post. It’s an exercise writing a short story all in questions, assuming that there is someone answering them. How would you guys answer these questions?

What is life? Do you think we come from darkness and end in darkness and the life we lead in between is the only light? Don’t you think that beyond this illusion we call reality there is a place that we go back to and call home? What is home? Is it a place or a feeling? Does it depend on the time spent there or the people who wait for you by the window? Does it carry memories from your childhood, or simply hold the things you once loved? Do you think you can recreate your life in a new place? Why not?

Are you afraid of change? Don’t you think that change is what moves us forward? Isn’t it a natural part of this earthly experience? We age every day, don’t we? Is there really such a difference between drastic change and one that is so subtle you don’t notice until years later? You would rather not notice? But isn’t it the point of life to notice the things around you? To enjoy and cherish them? To evolve your perspective and your understanding of the universe around you? We both know that perspective comes from experience right? So are your experiences static? Do you believe that no matter what you do, your life will continue on a straight trajectory? Do you think the years you have in this life are your only ones?

Is there a true end? Or is this just one of the many lives you will have? Will you not find peace and content throughout this journey? What will make you happy? Is it the things you buy? Or the things you give? Or the things you know? Does your knowledge come from abstract ideas or the details in your life? How can you truly ever know if this is all there is? Doesn’t logic deem that life is not the only light, but there is a beyond? Do you wonder? Do you ask the universe? What if she answers?


The first time I heard “Silence” remixed by Mt. Eden, I was surrounded by thousands of people, but the world I was slowly slipping into only held the dazzling inspirations of color. They danced around me, making me sway in a game of follow the leader. As I raised my arms in the air, the colors touched my fingertips, and my soul lifted up with the forceful beat of bass, like the rhythmic march of an army. The energy weaved itself through my essence and the darkness was held at bay by the melodic voice of an Angel.

Peace never made more sense.

I was no longer aware of my physical counterpart, but only the voice that was guiding me through the myriad of stars in the night sky. The soft grass beneath my feet was my last connection to Earth, the persistent beat from the stage amp moving me in fluid motions across the dark green field. I was sinking into the abyss of untamed emotions. Wave after wave of sound filled me, whirling me deep into the mystic world of my creation. The music began to gently fade, and with it the magic of the moment. My dance was ending and the people around me started coming back into focus. The lasers changed their direction as I began to hear the loud screams and whistles of the festival crowd. I felt the drops of water from the plastic bottle that flew past my head.

Someone lit a cigarette.

So this term I am taking a class called Writing Fiction. It’s basically a creative writing class and our professor has made us get books that have writing exercises in them. We’ve already done an exercise on writing 10 ‘1st’ sentences, a flash fiction inspired by an Edward Hopper painting, and this week we’re writing a piece about a game (twister, soccer, whatever). These have already opened up my writing style so much that I wanted to share these improvements with you guys.

In general, I’d like to expand my blog, not just to represent the philosophical aspect of myself, but all the other aspects – me as a writer, me as a dreamer, me as I AM.

So this was my first piece, and I hope that some of you take on this prompt and maybe post a short story on your blog. Let me know if you do!!!! Leave me a link or something.

Begin a story by: “The first time I (or NAME) heard (NAME OF SONG by SPECIFIC ARTIST or GROUP), I (or NAME) was down/up/over/at PLACE and we were doing ACTION.”

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