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I want to talk about #OccupyWallStreet.

I’ve followed the news on this topic for some weeks now and it’s amusing to see how so much of the opposition to these protests is saying that the movement lacks “leadership” and “concrete goals.”

I find this amusing because those kind of people are so stuck in their structured ways, thinking everything needs a hierarchy, everything needs some kind of unwavering “end goal,” some kind of outline. Wake up, the world doesn’t work that way. People think that by writing out what you want to be when you grow up in your high school yearbook automatically means you’re going to achieve it. Creating a career development plan before graduating college is gonna mean you will become a CEO of some huge corporation in 10 years. It doesn’t always work out that way.

The problem (or really blessing) is that our life changes from moment to moment, every decision that we make alters our possible futures. Yes, futures. You can have a desire, a want, to see your perfect life and achieve it, sure. Power of thought creates your reality, but you cannot expect every single little goal you plan to actually work out. Your goal: be happy, healthy, in love, have children, have enough money to provide for your family, feel safe. We all have many goals, and so does Occupy Wall Street.

The movement’s goal is to have no leaders, and to have multiple sets of requests (not demands, not necessarily goals.) Every person there is protesting a different thing for a reason: because ALL those things (unemployment, ridiculous student loans, mortgage scams, inequality, a horrible privatized healthcare system) are ALL problem in this country and across the whole globe. The reason that the movement is leaderless, is because obviously, in the last 2,000 years and more “leaders” haven’t fixed anything. Even in the so-called “communist” Russia, there was no such thing as community. It was a bunch of greedy, elitist people who posed as “leaders” to collect more money to soften up their mattresses.

What do I think about the protests?

I think the notion of people speaking out is amazing. Deep down in their souls, what they are doing is calling out for TRUTH. For the scams to be revealed, for the liars and cheaters to be punished, for the greedy to repent for their sins, for the things that were stolen to be given back. Not economics nor politics will solve these problems. Why? Because these problems are actually symptoms of a larger, more fundamental problem within the human race: our lack of spirituality.

I don’t want to go into a huge spiritual debate about where and when we lost our connection to God, neither do I want to argue with people who do not believe in God. (To each his own.) I do want to stress that the things which most (majority, 99%) people think are wrong really are. Lying, cheating, killing, stealing, being greedy, war: these are things that no longer have a place in our world.

As humanity comes closer together through globalization, we have decisions to make that will lead us on our new path into a new version of our future. Choose right and we will see our brothers and sisters prosper, as we prosper ourselves. Love everyone unconditionally, and you will be loved in return. Give up your materialistic greed, your trillion-dollar mansions where rooms collect spider webs, your private air jets that kill the environment, your drugs that sedate children into oblivion, you fancy clothes, that serve no purpose but to hang on a mannequin in some long-forgotten storage facility. Choose right, and we will all come together in harmony (much like the NYC movement). We will create our heaven on Earth, we will have all the things we need and more.

Choose left, and Wall Street will take over, bribes will buy more of Earth’s precious resources, or voiced will be drowned by piles of blood money, and one day our children will sit in shambles, their tear-stained faces buried in their hands asking us why we didn’t ask for change.


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