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I think it’s amazing how much your home affects your life. The house you choose, the decorations, the people you share it with, the region you finally settle in – these are all factors that help define your happiness. Are you happy with the home you have right now? Sometimes it take a while to find the perfect place, and of course the perfect place changes depending of where you are in your life journey.

I just found my perfect place this weekend. I’ve been interested in the tiny house movement for months now. No, not the one in the picture – that is a house from this company:

If you haven’t heard about the movement yet, YOUTUBE it! The premise is that we put so much emphasis on our material possessions that at some point, we end up accumulating a lot of junk that we don’t need. That sentimental high school graduation robe? Do you really need it? Or that box full of old birthday cards that you’ve been holding on for 30 years? Memories are great, but when they overtake our life in the form of physical things, they become a burden on our present. How can we live fully in the beautiful moment if we are always looking back at those “good old days?”

Anyway, having a tiny house – think townhouse garage size, from 250sq feet to 500sq ft to even 750sq feet (also known as a regular sized apartment in some European cities) – has so many perks!

1. The utilities are minimal – some even choose to invest in a solar panel or two and completely cut our conventional electricity costs. You can make it as sustainable as you want.

2. There is that house taxes loop for “sheds” or at least shed-size living quarters for those who want to own a home.

3. It create an intimate environment and although living in such close quarters with a spouse may be difficult at first, eventually you have to learn to communicate better and that usually strengthens a relationship.

4. My favorite perk is less cleaning!!! If you only have 500sq feet to worry about: well I cleaned my new home in probably 2 hours (I mean deep clean). For regular weekly cleaning it’s like 20 minutes tops.

I can probably go on and on about how great this movement is, but you can just look it up and enjoy watching the beauty of tiny home living on screen. These people are truly innovative, environment-conscious, and most of all happy!

I guess my point is that by the grace of God and my team and all the beings of light who are here helping me, I have finally found my perfect house – the tiny one i have been asking the universe for. She delivered! And if you’re not happy with your home you should go out and look for the one that makes you happy. I encourage you, even dare you, to make such a huge change!

The house doesn’t have to be huge and expensive. Look at the way you think now, get tough with yourself, throw out everything that doesn’t serve a purpose or brings you joy (even if it was super expensive, you could always sell that). The first time will be the hardest, but then you will realize that you all of a sudden have more mobility. You feel more free. Then look at some houses that may be smaller, but cheaper.

Talk to your landlord” you never know, maybe telling him/her that you want to change your life and be happier and for that you need a place that really speaks to you will spark some compassion and understanding and  maybe you can work out a deal, help them find a sublet or let them keep your last month’s rent and deposit to get out a little earlier (worked for me.)

Either way, be happy with where you live – as the outer so the inner, as the inner so the outer. Your inner life may change just by the simple act of moving. It takes some patience, a lot of praying, even more stress, but once you’re in your new place, you might be surprised at how much your life changes.


Ms. Cleverclocks


Just a little piece I thought would be fun to post. It’s an exercise writing a short story all in questions, assuming that there is someone answering them. How would you guys answer these questions?

What is life? Do you think we come from darkness and end in darkness and the life we lead in between is the only light? Don’t you think that beyond this illusion we call reality there is a place that we go back to and call home? What is home? Is it a place or a feeling? Does it depend on the time spent there or the people who wait for you by the window? Does it carry memories from your childhood, or simply hold the things you once loved? Do you think you can recreate your life in a new place? Why not?

Are you afraid of change? Don’t you think that change is what moves us forward? Isn’t it a natural part of this earthly experience? We age every day, don’t we? Is there really such a difference between drastic change and one that is so subtle you don’t notice until years later? You would rather not notice? But isn’t it the point of life to notice the things around you? To enjoy and cherish them? To evolve your perspective and your understanding of the universe around you? We both know that perspective comes from experience right? So are your experiences static? Do you believe that no matter what you do, your life will continue on a straight trajectory? Do you think the years you have in this life are your only ones?

Is there a true end? Or is this just one of the many lives you will have? Will you not find peace and content throughout this journey? What will make you happy? Is it the things you buy? Or the things you give? Or the things you know? Does your knowledge come from abstract ideas or the details in your life? How can you truly ever know if this is all there is? Doesn’t logic deem that life is not the only light, but there is a beyond? Do you wonder? Do you ask the universe? What if she answers?

I want to talk about #OccupyWallStreet.

I’ve followed the news on this topic for some weeks now and it’s amusing to see how so much of the opposition to these protests is saying that the movement lacks “leadership” and “concrete goals.”

I find this amusing because those kind of people are so stuck in their structured ways, thinking everything needs a hierarchy, everything needs some kind of unwavering “end goal,” some kind of outline. Wake up, the world doesn’t work that way. People think that by writing out what you want to be when you grow up in your high school yearbook automatically means you’re going to achieve it. Creating a career development plan before graduating college is gonna mean you will become a CEO of some huge corporation in 10 years. It doesn’t always work out that way.

The problem (or really blessing) is that our life changes from moment to moment, every decision that we make alters our possible futures. Yes, futures. You can have a desire, a want, to see your perfect life and achieve it, sure. Power of thought creates your reality, but you cannot expect every single little goal you plan to actually work out. Your goal: be happy, healthy, in love, have children, have enough money to provide for your family, feel safe. We all have many goals, and so does Occupy Wall Street.

The movement’s goal is to have no leaders, and to have multiple sets of requests (not demands, not necessarily goals.) Every person there is protesting a different thing for a reason: because ALL those things (unemployment, ridiculous student loans, mortgage scams, inequality, a horrible privatized healthcare system) are ALL problem in this country and across the whole globe. The reason that the movement is leaderless, is because obviously, in the last 2,000 years and more “leaders” haven’t fixed anything. Even in the so-called “communist” Russia, there was no such thing as community. It was a bunch of greedy, elitist people who posed as “leaders” to collect more money to soften up their mattresses.

What do I think about the protests?

I think the notion of people speaking out is amazing. Deep down in their souls, what they are doing is calling out for TRUTH. For the scams to be revealed, for the liars and cheaters to be punished, for the greedy to repent for their sins, for the things that were stolen to be given back. Not economics nor politics will solve these problems. Why? Because these problems are actually symptoms of a larger, more fundamental problem within the human race: our lack of spirituality.

I don’t want to go into a huge spiritual debate about where and when we lost our connection to God, neither do I want to argue with people who do not believe in God. (To each his own.) I do want to stress that the things which most (majority, 99%) people think are wrong really are. Lying, cheating, killing, stealing, being greedy, war: these are things that no longer have a place in our world.

As humanity comes closer together through globalization, we have decisions to make that will lead us on our new path into a new version of our future. Choose right and we will see our brothers and sisters prosper, as we prosper ourselves. Love everyone unconditionally, and you will be loved in return. Give up your materialistic greed, your trillion-dollar mansions where rooms collect spider webs, your private air jets that kill the environment, your drugs that sedate children into oblivion, you fancy clothes, that serve no purpose but to hang on a mannequin in some long-forgotten storage facility. Choose right, and we will all come together in harmony (much like the NYC movement). We will create our heaven on Earth, we will have all the things we need and more.

Choose left, and Wall Street will take over, bribes will buy more of Earth’s precious resources, or voiced will be drowned by piles of blood money, and one day our children will sit in shambles, their tear-stained faces buried in their hands asking us why we didn’t ask for change.

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