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Hey loved ones,

The energy portal of 11.11.11 brought miraculous changes to the Earth! It may not be visible to everyone just yet, but some experienced mind-blowing and life changing events on Friday. I know I did.

The light is even brighter now as our physical bodies adjust to the changes and our light bodies grow. There is a shift in the air as we have stepped onto a new path and have altered the course of one of our alternate futures. Now it is time to really step up and work hard to create it! We have all the tools we need to accomplish great change in our own lives, the lives of those we love, and all of humanity. All we need now is to engage our imagination. If you could create a perfect world, what would it look like?

For those who are new at this, let’s open up a discussion on what the future will be like. Dream big! Then think for a moment and dream bigger!

Let’s start with something simple. Think about your job, your career. Do you love it? Are you passionate about what you do every day? Do you feel energized and fulfilled by your accomplishments? If yes, then great! You are on your way to your perfect life. If no, then think, why do you need a job? Why do you choose to be miserable day in and day out when there are so many opportunities out there if you just believe? I know why. A job, no matter how bad, provides some sense of security – financial security. This seems to mean that the sole purpose of your job is to earn money for survival: to buy food, water, shelter, transportation, and also to spend it on material things that you want, but don’t actually need (and most of the time never use). So would you need a job if those things were already provided for you? What if you knew that you will have food on your table every day, a roof over your head, clothes, a car, and all those little trinkets we are so fond off? What if your security lay in the knowledge that tomorrow everything would be taken care off?

That is absolutely possible. When we trust in our God’s plan for us, he provides. Sometimes it’s in mysterious ways like finding $40 on the sidewalk, or accidently walking into a campus even with free food, or stumbling upon a job opportunity that screams your name and actually nailing the interview. If we believe, every day won’t be such a struggle. We must change the way we think every second! Let go of the negative ego, of the “I want” mentality, and focus on how your present and future already are (refer to The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.)

Let’s delve a little deeper. Why do you need a house? Why do you need food? Why do you need transportation?

What if the weather was always so perfect that we didn’t need houses to protect us from the cold? What if the tree canopies were so large, they would keep us dry during rainstorms. What if we could create our own homes out of energy, enveloping ourselves in a bubble of protection and safety, working in harmony with Mother Earth wherever we were?

What if our energetic vibration was so high, that we could feed off the energy of the sun, the energy of heaven and God? What if food was just a pleasure that we could have, but didn’t need to sustain ourselves on a daily basis like we do now? What if there were crystal clear ponds and streams everywhere so we could walk within the beauty of nature and feast on its wonder, drink from its streams and eat it’s fruit without worrying about pesticides or pollution or bacteria?

Why is it, especially in the developed countries, we slave away at work just to buy a car to transport us to and from that said place of work? We spend so much time trying to figure out how to get from place to place, how long it will take, how much it will cost. Isn’t teleporting a way easier solution? This is probably where I lose my last few readers. But wait! Remember, I said dream bigger! Think back to all those fairy tales and magical/sci-fi books you read as a kid, where these things weren’t just possible, but actually true. Where do you think people came up with these ideas in the first place? On our process of ascension, we climb into higher and higher energetic vibrations and as our light bodies hold more light, we become less dense. So why not dream of a future where distance is no longer an issue?

What about communication? We all know that sometimes words can’t express what we feel, what we want to convey, what we think. So then why not rise up and speak through our thoughts. Yes, it takes discipline, control, enlightenment, but we have so many light beings assisting us on our journey that becoming proficient at telepathy is something that many can achieve (and some already have.)

If you can imagine such a world, it will come into existence. If you take the time to focus and control your mind to only think of the positive. Become the best optimist that ever lived. Just think, in such a world, what the heck would be the point of lying, cheating, and stealing?

This is what 11.11.11 is all about. The path to ascension is leading us to Heaven on Earth, to 1000 years of peace. We are at the beginning of this wonderful journey together.

Anything is possible!

In love and light,

Ms. Cleverclocks


So, everyone in the “spiritual community” has been talking about this symbolic alignment within numerology. November 11, 2011 (this FRIDAY) is truly an energetic gateway that is the strongest call for humanity to awaken to their divinity to date.

I want to inform people of this energetic portal, to lead you to your own opinion, to see if you resonate with this information, to see if you feel the change that is slowly building and will open in just 4 more days!

Of course, this portal won’t be the end or the beginning of this mass awakening. It is just another stepping stone, an influx of light hitting our planet to help us ascend, to help us see and feel the oneness we have with all creation. To help us get even closer to our divine selves, our true selves: the light beings that we are.

I hope all of you who read this will take the time to prepare for this day, to at least be aware of the energies, even if it is just sitting still for 11 minutes when the clock strikes 11:00AM on Friday.

Trust in yourself, trust in your feelings, trust in what your inner self tells you. You are divine light, you are the savior of our planet. You are the reflection of the Creator in every way, and you will turn our world into Heaven.

Check out these readings, as they have helped me to better understand what this day is all about:





I want to talk about #OccupyWallStreet.

I’ve followed the news on this topic for some weeks now and it’s amusing to see how so much of the opposition to these protests is saying that the movement lacks “leadership” and “concrete goals.”

I find this amusing because those kind of people are so stuck in their structured ways, thinking everything needs a hierarchy, everything needs some kind of unwavering “end goal,” some kind of outline. Wake up, the world doesn’t work that way. People think that by writing out what you want to be when you grow up in your high school yearbook automatically means you’re going to achieve it. Creating a career development plan before graduating college is gonna mean you will become a CEO of some huge corporation in 10 years. It doesn’t always work out that way.

The problem (or really blessing) is that our life changes from moment to moment, every decision that we make alters our possible futures. Yes, futures. You can have a desire, a want, to see your perfect life and achieve it, sure. Power of thought creates your reality, but you cannot expect every single little goal you plan to actually work out. Your goal: be happy, healthy, in love, have children, have enough money to provide for your family, feel safe. We all have many goals, and so does Occupy Wall Street.

The movement’s goal is to have no leaders, and to have multiple sets of requests (not demands, not necessarily goals.) Every person there is protesting a different thing for a reason: because ALL those things (unemployment, ridiculous student loans, mortgage scams, inequality, a horrible privatized healthcare system) are ALL problem in this country and across the whole globe. The reason that the movement is leaderless, is because obviously, in the last 2,000 years and more “leaders” haven’t fixed anything. Even in the so-called “communist” Russia, there was no such thing as community. It was a bunch of greedy, elitist people who posed as “leaders” to collect more money to soften up their mattresses.

What do I think about the protests?

I think the notion of people speaking out is amazing. Deep down in their souls, what they are doing is calling out for TRUTH. For the scams to be revealed, for the liars and cheaters to be punished, for the greedy to repent for their sins, for the things that were stolen to be given back. Not economics nor politics will solve these problems. Why? Because these problems are actually symptoms of a larger, more fundamental problem within the human race: our lack of spirituality.

I don’t want to go into a huge spiritual debate about where and when we lost our connection to God, neither do I want to argue with people who do not believe in God. (To each his own.) I do want to stress that the things which most (majority, 99%) people think are wrong really are. Lying, cheating, killing, stealing, being greedy, war: these are things that no longer have a place in our world.

As humanity comes closer together through globalization, we have decisions to make that will lead us on our new path into a new version of our future. Choose right and we will see our brothers and sisters prosper, as we prosper ourselves. Love everyone unconditionally, and you will be loved in return. Give up your materialistic greed, your trillion-dollar mansions where rooms collect spider webs, your private air jets that kill the environment, your drugs that sedate children into oblivion, you fancy clothes, that serve no purpose but to hang on a mannequin in some long-forgotten storage facility. Choose right, and we will all come together in harmony (much like the NYC movement). We will create our heaven on Earth, we will have all the things we need and more.

Choose left, and Wall Street will take over, bribes will buy more of Earth’s precious resources, or voiced will be drowned by piles of blood money, and one day our children will sit in shambles, their tear-stained faces buried in their hands asking us why we didn’t ask for change.

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