I AM a writer, philosopher, avid reader, student, teacher, healer, oracle, lightworker, friend, big sister, and above all human. My interests… well they change all the time.

I love to discuss questions that don’t have precise answers, changing my mind when someone proves me wrong, and just in general getting my opinion about our universe out there.

I love to dance, rave, thrash, glide, and sing to different genres of music. Anything that lifts my mood, gives me peace, makes me ponder.

I love the service that I do for people, the lives that I can change. The love and light I can bring to other souls.

I love magick. Anything from a simple everyday miracle (saving puppies, a stranger’s kindness) to the real magick that weaves through our world even when we don’t notice it.

This blog is about a lot of things. It started at as a place to talk philosophy – to discuss those ‘big’ things. But now I want it to evolve. I want it to be about all the aspects of me. I want to include my fiction writing here, my best ideas, my opinions and advice, my thoughts in general. So I hope you enjoy reading about the things that are important to me, and maybe you’ll find that they’re the same things that are important to you 🙂

All comments and questions are welcome!