Love is…

the reason we’re here on earth.

#57 (1995)

We can begin by describing love as a state of being – a feeling that is tangible yet not quite physical. It can also be considered an idea or an inherent universal truth. For humans it is the most intense and powerful emotion that controls all of our actions. It is the point from which all things come from and the point all things strive to get back to. Love is a kind of energy that reigns supreme within the universe. We can not only feel it, but see it reflected in our action and even in the action of others. To understand and live in love is the purpose of every lifetime, of every soul’s journey. Love has no limitations because it can be felt by everyone. It can also be experienced by multiple people towards many other people. It is everywhere, all the time, and there can always be more of it. It’s something that can never be destroyed within the world, but can be moved from one place to another in each person’s life – intensified and lessened as the person chooses. Yet at the same time, it controls us in a way that is magical and good and just, and helps us live our life to the fullest.

There are different kinds of love!

  1. Above all is the love that God has for us. He is our immaterial Father, our Creator, and the Source of this powerful feeling. The question “what would it feel to be loved by Love itself?” comes to mind and that is truly how God “acts” towards us. His love is unconditional for He Himself is unconditional.God, unlike us, creates for the sake of creating. We may believe that we are capable of doing the same, but when we create something, such as write a book or any other kind of document we’re doing it for reasons that revolve around ourselves. It may be to earn money, to become famous, to have our thoughts written down so we don’t forget them, to learn how to explain something properly. We also sometimes love for different reasons. We may love people because they do us good, because we feel like we have to, because we need them. It doesn’t mean that this kind of love is bad, because love by definition cannot be bad. It just means that we use this feeling for our own unique purposes to enrich our lives in one way or another. The amazing thing is that we are capable of loving unconditionally, just like God, although most of the time we choose not to. We have the ability to look at another person, an animal or just nature itself and feel love for them just because they exists, as they are – faults and everything.
  2. The second most powerful kind of love is the one we feel towards God. It may not be true for all people and definitely not true all the time, but if we do choose to love God fully it is a kind of love that cannot be described or understood by others. Of course every kind of love is unique to the person who feels it, but the general concept is recognized. The fact remains that by loving God we essentially love everything and everyone. God is all around us and within us and beyond us. His creations are our world and when we focus all those good intentions and feeling on Him we are sending out that energy into our world, creating more love for everyone and everything. If you have ever stood on a top of a mountain, gazed out across a lake, lay in a field, or sat in the forest and felt that pure and peaceful awe of the nature around you, you have experienced love for God.
  3. To love one-self is to love others. Love starts from God, but due to free will it is our own personal choice of whether we want to accept that love or not. If we do, it starts with ourselves as we must accept all our virtues and imperfections and understand that we are an important part of this world. Without each of us, the world would be significantly different, less unique and incomplete. No matter what, we must remember that we will always be forgiven and that we deserve the love we receive. We just have to learn how to accept that love and how to give it back, starting with giving it back to ourselves. If we can’t learn to love ourselves then our insecurities will penetrate and reflect in all of our relationships.
  4. After those three comes the love for your children. I have not had the pleasure of fully understanding this kind of love, but when people talk about the connection they have to their children it’s impossible to feel how much energy is transferred from one to the other. Because love can be described as energy, it can be felt physically by people. You can actually do this if you’re near a parent and their child. You can understand it without feeling the same kind of affection for the child in particular.
  5. You can feel the same kind of love for anyone in your family. Sibling love is a particularly strong bond that stays with you throughout your whole lifetime. You often feel closer to the souls who are in your family because those are the souls that you have traveled with throughout many lifetimes. The more experiences you share, the stronger the bond becomes and the more love between each other you choose to create. Of course much of this love comes from childhood memories, for things you’ve done for each other, sometimes even just for the fact that you know you are related to them. Long lost relatives often find that they feel love for strangers that they just met, but know are their family.
  6. Love for your friends comes from building and putting hard work into those relationships. People often say that you love what you put your heart and soul into and that is very true for the people you interact with on a daily basis and the people you confide in.
  7. Of course the love that most people focus on and often crave is the romantic love that you have for your partner.  True love like that is one of the most powerful loves that we can experience in our human existence. Some people may not tune in to the love between them and God, although it is always present, and some may choose to not have children. Some grow up in abusive households or without family which makes it harder for them to trust others and trust is a very large part in accepting love and learning to love. No one can fully understand what love actually is, just like God. We can speculate on how it comes about within the human body or infer its true purpose, but we can never really know what it is beyond how it makes us feel and how it reflects throughout the universe. Romantic love is something that we have no control over because it comes so suddenly with people that our rational mind accepts as strangers. Sometimes it appears quickly, other times we realize months into the relationship. Yet true love is inexplicably connected to our soul. Soul mate love, which is what humans strive to find, is the closest love we can experience as humans that reminds us of where we come from. If you buy into the idea that we are pieces of God or are parts of the oneness of the universe, then it’s easy to understand how our desire to completely connect to another person or another soul makes us feel closer to that “home place” beyond this life. We like our partner for the many different qualities they possess. We respect them for their morals and actions. We love them because we love them. There is no true explanation that can suffice when you love another person. It is a feeling that brings your spirit so high that you feel like you’re floating outside of your body in a sea of pure bliss. It’s a feeling of complete wholeness where that part that you never even knew was missing inside you is filled to the brim. Love is such a powerful emotion that when it overtakes you there is nothing that can be done to stop it and no one would ever want too. At times it can even be overwhelming.

The human component of love is how we love each individual person and how different all those loves are. You cannot love one partner exactly the same as another because they are not the same, and neither is the love you feel for each of them. The same goes for the different ways you love your siblings and your parents, or friends. There are certain degrees to love, and each is unique just like every person is unique. But the important thing is that it is still love. No matter how you show it or which for which reasons you justify it, love is the emotion that connects you to those people.

Once you let love in it grows more and more into a magical and powerful force that brings abundance and joy into your life. Love is perfection that should continuously be shared between people. The biggest courtesy a person can give back to the world is to love everyone unconditionally. When we choose to love strangers, without any expectations of being loved back or a feeling of obligation because we think that we need to be “better” people in some way, is the highest form of unconditional love. When we desire to love others just for the fact that they share our world and exist in this universe is when we are truly doing what we were put on this Earth to do. And with all the mysterious ways love weaves itself into our lives, we owe it to ourselves to accept it and share it by including love in everything that we say and do.