It was early morning before the sunrise,
Before the dissipation of the darkness and with it the quiet peace
And reflection that reigned supreme
Over the earth, and as the birds were starting to wake,
Their lazy chirps waiting to greet the dawn,
          I was still watching,

Watching the stars glimmer and hide behind the stark white clouds
Against the backdrop of the night sky
Thinking how extraordinary the world moved through its cycles of birth,
And life, and death,
And how each mechanism
Whether it be physical, spiritual, or emotional

In a continuous figure eight,
Stretching out to infinity and coming back to meet itself once again,
A never ending pattern of extraordinary occurrences,
Seeming random at times, but serving some great purpose
Unknown to the players involved in the journey
–   With only glimpses of synchronicity and serendipity to assure them
That reality existed under the pretense of
          Stability and order,

That the great plan of the universe would unfold
Like the thousand petal lotus that blooms in the summer heat,
Its flushed petals radiating peaceful waves of creation
          As it awakens, –

Thinking that if their prayers were fervent enough,
They would witness the mysteries and miracles of the world
Reflected around them through the rays of the glorious Sun,

And while the morning didn’t wait for me
To finish my contemplations
I had one simple but striking moment,
Suspended in the thralls of time,
Before the busy city streets filled with people who would
Scatter across the pavement,
Some thought, desire, or need propelling them forward into their
          Self-proclaimed futures.

– Anastasiya Maslova



      There is no God in religion. As soon as any true faith becomes organized it turns into tradition, rules, rituals, a code of ethics or morals. Even the words Moses got turned into a guide of living within society, albeit morally, but explained as simple and rational ideas that needed to be deciphered by the mind, the ego. We know not to kill because it “makes sense,” not to steal because there are negative consequences. Those are rules for living in a community to keep peace between neighbors and  that, yes, we should all follow, but they do not necessarily reflect God or help us understand Him and evolve our soul. In the teachings of Jesus, His words were a guide to living blissfully. He outlined the commandments that explain exactly how to be happy and live in harmony with God, for God, but the Christianity that has evolved since then is almost Godless in its analysis and misinterpretations of the religious texts.
      God is not rational. The things we accept with our minds are not a reflection of his words. God is not consciousness. There is no logic behind his creativity – yes, there is order: everything in life flows as it should, constructs and deconstructs in a precise manner from atoms to natural laws to events within and outside of time. But God is not matter. He is an incomprehensible Creator of all who is outside of the material system that is His creation. He is immaterial. The only way we can see Him is through the emotions and material manifestations through which he shows himself – humility, mercy, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, giving, of course love, creativity (the unconditional kind where we truly create something out of nothing for the sole purpose of creating.)
      The mind is the plaything of the devil. God is not present there nor ever was. The soul is through which He speaks to us – the conscience, not the consciousness. Many agnostics, atheists and those who are lost, impaired by religion, or those who simply cannot explain the unexplainable (rightfully so) refer to God as a universal consciousness. Yet this universal consciousness is simply the information field: an amalgamation of all information that was, is, and will be, tucked away at an energetic frequency that some may access. Some call it the Akashic Records – a place where records of all the planetary lives of souls are stored: their thoughts, words, and deeds. Many scientists get lost here because, energetically, they have access to this field as do many spiritual people and anyone who has reached a certain spiritual or intellectual level where God deems it appropriate to grant access to higher information. It is a place where the lives of our ancestors are written, the lives of the prophets, the great philosophers, writers, artists, inventors. It is the place where new ideas originate and taken from to serve humanity: the periodic table of elements that Mendeleev first discovered in his dream, division of the atom that Einstein naïvely handed over to warring governments, the statue of the molecule as it actually looks in 3D instead of the models that we use which Dali sculpted.
      All of this, God gives us, but it is not God. The only time He ever acted or thought as a human being was during the life of his son Jesus Christ, and even then we can’t imagine what went on within Himself and how much His soul acted more than His consciousness. His actions were always louder than His words, but He tried to communicate with humanity in a way we could understand: through the rational mind, through language. Many people today can’t understand how He could give His life in such agony, but wouldn’t you give your life for your children? Life is fleeting and only one step in the universal and immortal journey of the soul. Whether we come back to Earth in a new body or go on to learn and experience other realms, dimensions, and universes through our soul’s extension of material consciousness, it is still a process that lasts much longer than 100 years.
      God is simple in His genius. He does not hide in details or forbids us from knowing when we seek the Truth. He gives unconditionally, forgives unconditionally, and loves unconditionally. That is almost beyond our understanding and religious texts have marred this simple truth by forcing their ideologically set up laws and rules of human behavior. He rages when we let ourselves fall so deep into the devil’s snare because like any Father, He knows we are capable of greatness – He has created us this way – and while He has given us the greatest gift of all, our free will, He hopes that we will use it for good, to help our brothers and sisters and to come back to Him better, stronger, wiser, more loving, and emulating the qualities that He has instilled in us: those that He shows us everyday… as any Father would.

I think it’s amazing how much your home affects your life. The house you choose, the decorations, the people you share it with, the region you finally settle in – these are all factors that help define your happiness. Are you happy with the home you have right now? Sometimes it take a while to find the perfect place, and of course the perfect place changes depending of where you are in your life journey.

I just found my perfect place this weekend. I’ve been interested in the tiny house movement for months now. No, not the one in the picture – that is a house from this company:

If you haven’t heard about the movement yet, YOUTUBE it! The premise is that we put so much emphasis on our material possessions that at some point, we end up accumulating a lot of junk that we don’t need. That sentimental high school graduation robe? Do you really need it? Or that box full of old birthday cards that you’ve been holding on for 30 years? Memories are great, but when they overtake our life in the form of physical things, they become a burden on our present. How can we live fully in the beautiful moment if we are always looking back at those “good old days?”

Anyway, having a tiny house – think townhouse garage size, from 250sq feet to 500sq ft to even 750sq feet (also known as a regular sized apartment in some European cities) – has so many perks!

1. The utilities are minimal – some even choose to invest in a solar panel or two and completely cut our conventional electricity costs. You can make it as sustainable as you want.

2. There is that house taxes loop for “sheds” or at least shed-size living quarters for those who want to own a home.

3. It create an intimate environment and although living in such close quarters with a spouse may be difficult at first, eventually you have to learn to communicate better and that usually strengthens a relationship.

4. My favorite perk is less cleaning!!! If you only have 500sq feet to worry about: well I cleaned my new home in probably 2 hours (I mean deep clean). For regular weekly cleaning it’s like 20 minutes tops.

I can probably go on and on about how great this movement is, but you can just look it up and enjoy watching the beauty of tiny home living on screen. These people are truly innovative, environment-conscious, and most of all happy!

I guess my point is that by the grace of God and my team and all the beings of light who are here helping me, I have finally found my perfect house – the tiny one i have been asking the universe for. She delivered! And if you’re not happy with your home you should go out and look for the one that makes you happy. I encourage you, even dare you, to make such a huge change!

The house doesn’t have to be huge and expensive. Look at the way you think now, get tough with yourself, throw out everything that doesn’t serve a purpose or brings you joy (even if it was super expensive, you could always sell that). The first time will be the hardest, but then you will realize that you all of a sudden have more mobility. You feel more free. Then look at some houses that may be smaller, but cheaper.

Talk to your landlord” you never know, maybe telling him/her that you want to change your life and be happier and for that you need a place that really speaks to you will spark some compassion and understanding and  maybe you can work out a deal, help them find a sublet or let them keep your last month’s rent and deposit to get out a little earlier (worked for me.)

Either way, be happy with where you live – as the outer so the inner, as the inner so the outer. Your inner life may change just by the simple act of moving. It takes some patience, a lot of praying, even more stress, but once you’re in your new place, you might be surprised at how much your life changes.


Ms. Cleverclocks

Just a little piece I thought would be fun to post. It’s an exercise writing a short story all in questions, assuming that there is someone answering them. How would you guys answer these questions?

What is life? Do you think we come from darkness and end in darkness and the life we lead in between is the only light? Don’t you think that beyond this illusion we call reality there is a place that we go back to and call home? What is home? Is it a place or a feeling? Does it depend on the time spent there or the people who wait for you by the window? Does it carry memories from your childhood, or simply hold the things you once loved? Do you think you can recreate your life in a new place? Why not?

Are you afraid of change? Don’t you think that change is what moves us forward? Isn’t it a natural part of this earthly experience? We age every day, don’t we? Is there really such a difference between drastic change and one that is so subtle you don’t notice until years later? You would rather not notice? But isn’t it the point of life to notice the things around you? To enjoy and cherish them? To evolve your perspective and your understanding of the universe around you? We both know that perspective comes from experience right? So are your experiences static? Do you believe that no matter what you do, your life will continue on a straight trajectory? Do you think the years you have in this life are your only ones?

Is there a true end? Or is this just one of the many lives you will have? Will you not find peace and content throughout this journey? What will make you happy? Is it the things you buy? Or the things you give? Or the things you know? Does your knowledge come from abstract ideas or the details in your life? How can you truly ever know if this is all there is? Doesn’t logic deem that life is not the only light, but there is a beyond? Do you wonder? Do you ask the universe? What if she answers?

Hey loved ones,

The energy portal of 11.11.11 brought miraculous changes to the Earth! It may not be visible to everyone just yet, but some experienced mind-blowing and life changing events on Friday. I know I did.

The light is even brighter now as our physical bodies adjust to the changes and our light bodies grow. There is a shift in the air as we have stepped onto a new path and have altered the course of one of our alternate futures. Now it is time to really step up and work hard to create it! We have all the tools we need to accomplish great change in our own lives, the lives of those we love, and all of humanity. All we need now is to engage our imagination. If you could create a perfect world, what would it look like?

For those who are new at this, let’s open up a discussion on what the future will be like. Dream big! Then think for a moment and dream bigger!

Let’s start with something simple. Think about your job, your career. Do you love it? Are you passionate about what you do every day? Do you feel energized and fulfilled by your accomplishments? If yes, then great! You are on your way to your perfect life. If no, then think, why do you need a job? Why do you choose to be miserable day in and day out when there are so many opportunities out there if you just believe? I know why. A job, no matter how bad, provides some sense of security – financial security. This seems to mean that the sole purpose of your job is to earn money for survival: to buy food, water, shelter, transportation, and also to spend it on material things that you want, but don’t actually need (and most of the time never use). So would you need a job if those things were already provided for you? What if you knew that you will have food on your table every day, a roof over your head, clothes, a car, and all those little trinkets we are so fond off? What if your security lay in the knowledge that tomorrow everything would be taken care off?

That is absolutely possible. When we trust in our God’s plan for us, he provides. Sometimes it’s in mysterious ways like finding $40 on the sidewalk, or accidently walking into a campus even with free food, or stumbling upon a job opportunity that screams your name and actually nailing the interview. If we believe, every day won’t be such a struggle. We must change the way we think every second! Let go of the negative ego, of the “I want” mentality, and focus on how your present and future already are (refer to The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.)

Let’s delve a little deeper. Why do you need a house? Why do you need food? Why do you need transportation?

What if the weather was always so perfect that we didn’t need houses to protect us from the cold? What if the tree canopies were so large, they would keep us dry during rainstorms. What if we could create our own homes out of energy, enveloping ourselves in a bubble of protection and safety, working in harmony with Mother Earth wherever we were?

What if our energetic vibration was so high, that we could feed off the energy of the sun, the energy of heaven and God? What if food was just a pleasure that we could have, but didn’t need to sustain ourselves on a daily basis like we do now? What if there were crystal clear ponds and streams everywhere so we could walk within the beauty of nature and feast on its wonder, drink from its streams and eat it’s fruit without worrying about pesticides or pollution or bacteria?

Why is it, especially in the developed countries, we slave away at work just to buy a car to transport us to and from that said place of work? We spend so much time trying to figure out how to get from place to place, how long it will take, how much it will cost. Isn’t teleporting a way easier solution? This is probably where I lose my last few readers. But wait! Remember, I said dream bigger! Think back to all those fairy tales and magical/sci-fi books you read as a kid, where these things weren’t just possible, but actually true. Where do you think people came up with these ideas in the first place? On our process of ascension, we climb into higher and higher energetic vibrations and as our light bodies hold more light, we become less dense. So why not dream of a future where distance is no longer an issue?

What about communication? We all know that sometimes words can’t express what we feel, what we want to convey, what we think. So then why not rise up and speak through our thoughts. Yes, it takes discipline, control, enlightenment, but we have so many light beings assisting us on our journey that becoming proficient at telepathy is something that many can achieve (and some already have.)

If you can imagine such a world, it will come into existence. If you take the time to focus and control your mind to only think of the positive. Become the best optimist that ever lived. Just think, in such a world, what the heck would be the point of lying, cheating, and stealing?

This is what 11.11.11 is all about. The path to ascension is leading us to Heaven on Earth, to 1000 years of peace. We are at the beginning of this wonderful journey together.

Anything is possible!

In love and light,

Ms. Cleverclocks

I’m 4. The 3 of us are sitting on the floor watching The Lion King. I’m wrapped in my sister’s arms on the gray carpet while our older brother is sprawled on the worn leather couch.

“This is boring. Why do I have to sit here and watch this? Do you guys think I didn’t see it a thousand times when I was little?” my brother asks. He’s 15.

“Just watch it with us. It’s family time. Don’t you want to spend some time with your baby brother and me?” Meg chides.

“Lion King!” I say and smile up at him.

I’m 5. My sister catches me as I run into her arms and spins me around. I can hear the wind rushing through my ears and her ringing laugh. It sounds like chimes and bells and happiness. She’s laughing so hard she can barely hold on to me. Slowing down, she mock-falls on the floor taking her with me. We lie there laughing together.

“I love you so much sweetie.” She says.

“Love you too Meg.” I say back.


I’m 6. Meg is 15. We go for a walk in the woods. The sun’s rays are shining through the forest ceiling. It’s the middle of summer, but the full green leaves make it chilly in the shade. She’s pointing to the trees, explaining to me how they grow from tiny little seeds and rise up to the sky.

“They’re trying to get closer to God.” she says. “Like all of us. When they die, when they’re cut down, you can see how long they’ve been trying by the number of rings.” I’m holding on to her index finger with my small hand. It’s peaceful in the woods, but I have the urge to break that peace. I let go of her and run forward.

“Where are you running off to?” she laughs and runs after me. I run faster and look back to see if she’s behind me. I don’t see the root in front of me and trip over it, falling on my knees and hands. It stings so much that I start crying.

“Oh, baby, are you ok?” Meg is by my side, picking me up and sitting me down in her lap. “Let me see that.” She looks at my knees, then at my palms.  I’m still crying. It hurts so much, I try to tell her, but all that comes out is sobbing mumbles.

“Shhh. It’s ok. I’ll carry you home and we can get that cleaned up ok?” she smiles at me. I fall asleep in her arms on the way home.


I’m 7. I’m dressed in a suit. It’s uncomfortable and my dad tells me I have to keep my shoes clean. I look for Meg. I can’t find her anywhere. She hasn’t been home for days.

“Where is Meg?” I keep asking. My Mom’s eyes are tear-stained. Meg should be here to make Mom feel better. I never see Mom cry and Meg would know what to do. She always makes me smile. She can make Mom smile too. My brother is leaning on a tree, away from all the people so I go over to him.

“Where is Meg?” I ask. He seems angry. I pull on the corner of his suite jacket. “Where is Meg?” I ask again.

“She’s not fucking here!” He yells at me. “She’s gone. She’s not coming back! She’s dead.” He scares me and I run to my Dad crying. He picks me up and hands me over to Mom. I see him walk over to my brother and start yelling at him. Dead? What is dead? Where is Meg?

Dead means never coming back. Mom and Dad are sitting in front of me in the living room. It’s dark out now.  Mom is trying to tell me something. Something about Meg. She was somewhere, with friends. There was a car. It was night time, just like now. I don’t understand.

“God takes the best.” Dad says. “You will see Meg again. She’s with him, up there in the sky: in Heaven.”

“She’s coming back?” I ask. I know what hope is, I’m 7. I can feel it. He said I’ll see her again.

“No, darling, no.” Mom tries. “She’s…” she starts crying again. She touches my Dad on the arm, stands up and walks out of the room. She hasn’t stopped crying for forever.

“Son,” Dad sighs. “Meg… she’s not coming back. She’s watching you from above. That’s what death is. You go back to God and you leave your family behind and you wait for them.”

“Why would she leave?” I ask. Now I feel panic. Meg would never leave me. She says she loves me.

“Honey, I don’t know how to explain this to you…” He seems to be giving up. I can feel it. I need to understand. Why would she leave?

“She didn’t want to leave us.” He tries again.  “She didn’t want to leave you. She loves you and always will…. God called her back to him. It will eventually happen to all of us. Mom and I will go back. So will your brother, and you will too, when you’re very old. Like grandpa’s age. You have a whole life to live before that. Ok?”

I sit there for a couple of minutes.

Meg is gone. I can’t see her until I’m like grandpa. That’s forever!  She’s not coming back, Dad says. She’s dead. Dead means gone. Gone?

I miss her.

“I miss Meg.” I tell Dad. I start crying.

“I know son. So do I. So does Mom and your brother. We all miss her so much.” He takes me into his arms and I cry there until I can’t cry anymore.


This is a story I’ve been working on for a while. Hope you enjoyed! Any feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

So, everyone in the “spiritual community” has been talking about this symbolic alignment within numerology. November 11, 2011 (this FRIDAY) is truly an energetic gateway that is the strongest call for humanity to awaken to their divinity to date.

I want to inform people of this energetic portal, to lead you to your own opinion, to see if you resonate with this information, to see if you feel the change that is slowly building and will open in just 4 more days!

Of course, this portal won’t be the end or the beginning of this mass awakening. It is just another stepping stone, an influx of light hitting our planet to help us ascend, to help us see and feel the oneness we have with all creation. To help us get even closer to our divine selves, our true selves: the light beings that we are.

I hope all of you who read this will take the time to prepare for this day, to at least be aware of the energies, even if it is just sitting still for 11 minutes when the clock strikes 11:00AM on Friday.

Trust in yourself, trust in your feelings, trust in what your inner self tells you. You are divine light, you are the savior of our planet. You are the reflection of the Creator in every way, and you will turn our world into Heaven.

Check out these readings, as they have helped me to better understand what this day is all about:





I want to talk about #OccupyWallStreet.

I’ve followed the news on this topic for some weeks now and it’s amusing to see how so much of the opposition to these protests is saying that the movement lacks “leadership” and “concrete goals.”

I find this amusing because those kind of people are so stuck in their structured ways, thinking everything needs a hierarchy, everything needs some kind of unwavering “end goal,” some kind of outline. Wake up, the world doesn’t work that way. People think that by writing out what you want to be when you grow up in your high school yearbook automatically means you’re going to achieve it. Creating a career development plan before graduating college is gonna mean you will become a CEO of some huge corporation in 10 years. It doesn’t always work out that way.

The problem (or really blessing) is that our life changes from moment to moment, every decision that we make alters our possible futures. Yes, futures. You can have a desire, a want, to see your perfect life and achieve it, sure. Power of thought creates your reality, but you cannot expect every single little goal you plan to actually work out. Your goal: be happy, healthy, in love, have children, have enough money to provide for your family, feel safe. We all have many goals, and so does Occupy Wall Street.

The movement’s goal is to have no leaders, and to have multiple sets of requests (not demands, not necessarily goals.) Every person there is protesting a different thing for a reason: because ALL those things (unemployment, ridiculous student loans, mortgage scams, inequality, a horrible privatized healthcare system) are ALL problem in this country and across the whole globe. The reason that the movement is leaderless, is because obviously, in the last 2,000 years and more “leaders” haven’t fixed anything. Even in the so-called “communist” Russia, there was no such thing as community. It was a bunch of greedy, elitist people who posed as “leaders” to collect more money to soften up their mattresses.

What do I think about the protests?

I think the notion of people speaking out is amazing. Deep down in their souls, what they are doing is calling out for TRUTH. For the scams to be revealed, for the liars and cheaters to be punished, for the greedy to repent for their sins, for the things that were stolen to be given back. Not economics nor politics will solve these problems. Why? Because these problems are actually symptoms of a larger, more fundamental problem within the human race: our lack of spirituality.

I don’t want to go into a huge spiritual debate about where and when we lost our connection to God, neither do I want to argue with people who do not believe in God. (To each his own.) I do want to stress that the things which most (majority, 99%) people think are wrong really are. Lying, cheating, killing, stealing, being greedy, war: these are things that no longer have a place in our world.

As humanity comes closer together through globalization, we have decisions to make that will lead us on our new path into a new version of our future. Choose right and we will see our brothers and sisters prosper, as we prosper ourselves. Love everyone unconditionally, and you will be loved in return. Give up your materialistic greed, your trillion-dollar mansions where rooms collect spider webs, your private air jets that kill the environment, your drugs that sedate children into oblivion, you fancy clothes, that serve no purpose but to hang on a mannequin in some long-forgotten storage facility. Choose right, and we will all come together in harmony (much like the NYC movement). We will create our heaven on Earth, we will have all the things we need and more.

Choose left, and Wall Street will take over, bribes will buy more of Earth’s precious resources, or voiced will be drowned by piles of blood money, and one day our children will sit in shambles, their tear-stained faces buried in their hands asking us why we didn’t ask for change.

The first time I heard “Silence” remixed by Mt. Eden, I was surrounded by thousands of people, but the world I was slowly slipping into only held the dazzling inspirations of color. They danced around me, making me sway in a game of follow the leader. As I raised my arms in the air, the colors touched my fingertips, and my soul lifted up with the forceful beat of bass, like the rhythmic march of an army. The energy weaved itself through my essence and the darkness was held at bay by the melodic voice of an Angel.

Peace never made more sense.

I was no longer aware of my physical counterpart, but only the voice that was guiding me through the myriad of stars in the night sky. The soft grass beneath my feet was my last connection to Earth, the persistent beat from the stage amp moving me in fluid motions across the dark green field. I was sinking into the abyss of untamed emotions. Wave after wave of sound filled me, whirling me deep into the mystic world of my creation. The music began to gently fade, and with it the magic of the moment. My dance was ending and the people around me started coming back into focus. The lasers changed their direction as I began to hear the loud screams and whistles of the festival crowd. I felt the drops of water from the plastic bottle that flew past my head.

Someone lit a cigarette.

So this term I am taking a class called Writing Fiction. It’s basically a creative writing class and our professor has made us get books that have writing exercises in them. We’ve already done an exercise on writing 10 ‘1st’ sentences, a flash fiction inspired by an Edward Hopper painting, and this week we’re writing a piece about a game (twister, soccer, whatever). These have already opened up my writing style so much that I wanted to share these improvements with you guys.

In general, I’d like to expand my blog, not just to represent the philosophical aspect of myself, but all the other aspects – me as a writer, me as a dreamer, me as I AM.

So this was my first piece, and I hope that some of you take on this prompt and maybe post a short story on your blog. Let me know if you do!!!! Leave me a link or something.

Begin a story by: “The first time I (or NAME) heard (NAME OF SONG by SPECIFIC ARTIST or GROUP), I (or NAME) was down/up/over/at PLACE and we were doing ACTION.”

Today, I want to talk about discernment. Here are some definitions:

Webster: “the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure”

Oxford: “the ability to judge well”

Synonyms: wisdom, insight, perception, acuity

Many people talk about using” discernment” when you talk to others, or read blogs/articles/books, or when you watch the media. So there you are, reading this book at the age of 22 and it tells you: “This is how the world works.” Is it a reputable source? I don’t know. What if it’s my father’s own book? Do I question the man who brought me into this world and has the experience and “facts” to back it up? What if it’s written by a man who won the Nobel Prize three times! Does that make him right? Are his word then the epitome of truth?

I want to point out  that I do not want to delve deep into the philosophy of TRUTH. Yes, there are possibilities that there is no truth, that truth can only be subjective, that there is only inner truth for each individual, or maybe, MAYBE, there is a universal truth out there that humans just can’t comprehend. All those, and more, are possibilities for which the arguments can be extensive and persuasive.

What I want to focus on is what to do when we are faced with an idea – voiced or written – and must come to a conclusion on whether we should change our views to fit this new form, or to dismiss the person as 1) crazy 2) complete pathological liar 3) attention whore 4) religious freak 5) uneducated or just plain stupid… etc.

None of us actually know things. People make mistakes. Yes, some quantitative stuff like 2×2=4 can be “discerned” as being true. But our science theories? The theory of Newton, the theory of Darwin, the theory of Einstein….. the theory of God?… they’re theories! And human beings are so quick to pick up those theories and built a whole society on them! To me personally, the existence of God is irrefutable. I KNOW he exists. I feel it as a universal truth in ever cell in my body. I feel him, I understand my connection to him. It is a TRUTH. Yet I know that others feel just as strongly about the idea of us evolving from monkeys…. So is one of us wrong? Are both of us right? Are we disillusioned by our beliefs? By our cultures? And how do we move from that delusion to some form of enlightenment?

Our opinions change as new information is discovered every day, every second. My girlfriend just told me yesterday “That’s not what you thought a month ago.” Well, of course not! I’ve grown, had experiences, was introduced to new forms of though. And I adapted my view according to what… resonated with me?

What exactly does that mean? How do we know what resonates with us in the huge ocean of ideas and opinions and facts? How do we know it feels true? How do we know that one day we won’t be having a conversation with some intellect or PhD at a party and he’ll look at us like we have three heads and say “What? How could you be so dense? Here are the facts, the studies: blah blah blah.” And all of a sudden we think to ourselves about how we lived in this crazy world that should be reserved for children, and look, there’s all the data to prove us wrong. We were either lied to, or were lying to ourselves.

Resonance and discernment seem like this invisible force… like the electricity that travels from the light switch to the light bulb, except the light bulb is the (also) invisible “aha!” moment inside our brain. “Aha! That makes perfect sense!” and “Aha! I knew it worked like that all along!” Sometimes though, I feel like that “aha!” moment is just a little sliver of light coming from a flashlight in the middle of a sunny day. It’s there. It’s a little brighter than its surroundings because it’s more concentrated… but you can’t really see it… my metaphor is getting long, but the point is, that sometimes we don’t really know if we’re discerning anything correctly. We may watch the news and our government tells us that something is going on overseas and shows us videos of protests, and talk to journalists in the field. Does that mean that it’s actually happening the way they say? (Even if we’re not all conspiracy theorists) What about the sensation of Wikileaks? Here is one man telling the rest of the world that he has access to super-secret government papers. Do those resonate with you? When people talk about the crazy experiences that they go through, do you believe them?

So how do you know?

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Hi, I’m Anastasiya


I'm so glad that you've stumbled upon (pun intended) my little blog-slice of heaven. I hope you stay a while and discover the ideas and beliefs I hold close to my heart. (we might have the same ones!)

Hopefully, I can pass on some of the wisdom I've gained over the years, and maybe even learn something from you (if you're willing to share.)

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In Love and Light

December 2018
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